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This is what God would like to remind you of!

Know that the source, the creator, the Great White Spirit or whatever name your heart resonates with doesn't matter. He/she is the energy of all life and will be with you until the 'end of time', so the message is to trust that all is well, no matter how complicated or stressful or tiring one's day may become.

I urge you to 'let go' and stop trying to control every factor of your so-called wants and desires ... after all, God is the 'do-er' who works from, through and to you!

I have another poem for you from my speaking heart today which I hope you like. There's more to come, as later in the year I'll be publishing a collection of the Christian and spiritual poetry which has humbly blessed me to receive over the past 25 years! In the week ahead, may you keep love - which is the genuine treasure of your soul- at the forefront of your mind and the center of your heart. (AFY)

Today's top tip: God's love for you will never fade like footsteps or markings in the sand.


From my speaking Heart:

I Love You...

"My love is your love in all that I send,

For everything am I ... be it a Father, Mother or friend.

In every leaf and rock and on land, sea, and air,

You will find truth and the light, for I reside there.

So, please trust in your heart whilst learning to care,

Know your heart can be open, to both feel and then share.

Within your dreams, wishes and those prayers I do hear,

Cherished laughter and a smile ... or those tears I will clear.

For I recognize all hearts, filled with emotions which scar,

Yet in truth lies the door, for my heart is ajar.

Though love taken away, may seem to cause pain,

But for those in the ‘experience’, this is never in vain.

Please realise ‘love’ cannot fade, like your memories may do,

For the heart retains truth, and the truth is in you.

Therefore, my light and my love are for each and everything,

So open heart, mind, and soul ... to rejoice and now sing.

Then you will know, way deep down inside,

I am in you, and I shall not hide."




PS. Remember, through your own self-realization you will not doubt your purpose or your goal ... that you were born of love, to live in love because you are love!

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