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Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Now then, we British just love to talk about the weather, don’t we? Well, after the March and April and May we’ve just had, the Sun has FINALLY got his hat on! Sunday the 17th of July is set to be the hottest day of the year so far … and temperatures are likely to hit 30 degrees ... yeeha!

Of course, while many people may flock to parks, the coast or perhaps sit in their gardens for picnics or simply bask in the sunshine, some will avoid it like the plague (no Covid pun intended) fearing sunburn or still avoiding large crowds (remember that?) in case of catching/ spreading it further.

On top of this …the focus has once again shifted to climate change, with the horrendous flooding across west Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium. Please spare a thought and prayer for all the people and animals there, in the hope it will help them … in even some small way.

I recall the constant rain here, whereby nearly every road coming into the area was so bad the village was almost cut off. Fields became lakes and rivers … seas. Whether one believes in climate change, with the weather constantly topsy turvy and Covid with us possibly for ever … life may never be the same.

So, we’ll have to face these things head on. We need to have a stiff upper lip. But for now, let's allow the rays of the sun to wash over us all. Allow it to lift your heart and sooth the worry from your mind. ‘Life’ goes on. Embrace it, live it, and love it no matter what you face. Enjoy the post! Peace and love to all. (AFY)

The Sun has got his hat on .... hip, hip, hip, hooray .... the Sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play!

Today's top tip: This one is simple ... protect yourself in the sunshine. BTW - Factor 50 works wonders on a bald head!


From my speaking heart:


"You sit and write upon the warmest evening of the year so far, and all around you one can hear the buzz of life. From beautiful birdsong and with the hum of bees and wasps to the occasional fly ... it seems that all of creation is blossoming.

Finally, after many weeks of rain, and those cloudy days and nights, summer has truly arrived. Across the valley, the sun’s haze dwindles, leaving a picturesque scene of green and golden fields. The hedgerows and trees, which are now in full leaf, frame the ‘image’ in all its splendor, and, yes indeed, nature is at its finest, of which an artist’s pallet would do well to emulate and capture for another’s eyes to behold.

It is so often the case one will survey such surroundings, yet actually forget to stop and listen to the world about you. However, by making the time to be still and contemplate on such serenity and peace, you will feel recharged and also quite content too.

It is, in fact, very easy to take life for granted when rushing through the day, but when it is possible to place the mind and body from fast forward onto pause, you will realise just how much you’re actually missing. Be it the radiant flowers in the borders, blossom in the hedgerows, birds upon the wing, a spider in its web, the ladybird on a leaf, and wood lice making their merry way across the soil and wood … these are all but a glimpse of the oneness of life.

Now, within this moment, the warm air is like a blessing bestowed, as I sense and feel much gratitude from many hearts as it uplifts the mind and brings well-being. As you look upwards, the swifts and swallows both sweep and glide, bringing elegance to the sky above, and as you pause and reflect once again, appreciation towards me beams both inside and out, and I place my loving grace over thee. The well of thy heart is full to the brim at times like these, so enjoy the happiness you feel and also send it back into the ether.

A slight breeze descends, weaving through the leaves and branches, but this is only my breath and sigh of joy, which envelopes everything, as they wave to every one of you. Whether you sense and believe this, and know me upon this ‘level’, it is only for the individual to say, but within the soul you all understand me. Realise that it is acknowledging me in all things, helping to pose the questions which must be answered in, through, and with love, light, and truth.

I understand when I witness your life becoming so hectic, whether this is from family, work, or home issues, so much so, one may often wish for a long lazy day in the sun. Although I stated earlier about ‘recharging the batteries,’ know it is not so much a physical rest that many require, but it’s often the time one needs to take to ease the restless mind. This, in turn, brings balance and provides a constant repetitive boost to one’s health and happiness, no matter what the weather outside your door.

Remember, meditation is no more than becoming detached from desire in its various ways, shapes, and forms. Indeed, worldly attachment can blur your thought processes, influencing your actions and ultimately leading to confusion and illusion. It can affect you emotionally and spiritually, which is like trying to look at the midday sun, making your eyes squint and stream with tears of discontent. So, why would you do this, even briefly, when its power can cause blindness … and this is exactly the same to be kept in the dark by enveloping your ‘all’ within the impermanent world. Amen."


Lazy day anyone?


PS. Remember, ease the inflamed mind and 'let go' .... or simply, LET GOD!

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