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HE IS RISEN (An Easter Sunday special post ... 4-4-21)

Happy Easter! This time of year is even more poignant for all the reasons associated with the pandemic. Make no mistake, the world has endured much heartache. The emotional, physical, and mental anguish and pain, along with the economic turmoil have affected each and every one of us in some way, shape or form.

But there is room for optimism. And if Easter means anything to you (or not as the case may be) know that there is always hope. We carry the same divine spark inside us. It contains the real power of creation ... God's love, and without His/Her love, we would cease to exist.

Some people would deny this, each to their own ... but even a madman loves someone or something. So, the individual (who has their own character and personality) must decide for themselves whether or not Universal Father/ Mother is real or unreal.

If in doubt ... here is a little passage from 'yesteryear':

  • The boat, which carries you across the ocean(s) of your emotions.

  • The land you walk upon holding you upright and true.

  • The wind, to blow dark clouds away from your body, mind and soul.

  • The spiritual ‘vision’ to reveal the light ... and the Sun to radiate warmth and love in your heart.

  • The hand that lifts you up from the ground, when you feel you cannot go on.

  • The life-giving ‘water’, to quench your thirst for truth, knowledge and wisdom.

  • The spark deep within you, which gives you everlasting life.

  • The colours of the rainbow, shining down upon your darkened days of false fears and tears.

I urge you to lift your own 'spirit' and bask in the knowledge that you are never alone ... for the Lord is always nearer than near. I hope you have a lovely day with an Easter egg -or two- haha.

Ref the GIF below ... hope it makes you laugh! Jesus had no jetpack (obviously) ... but possessed the most important, real, and only true power ... God's love (David— AFY)

Today's top tip: See this special day as one to renew your own faith, whatever it may be. Try to go beyond the boundary of the senses by experiencing eternal' life through the silence of your heart.

N.B: As it is such a special day, I have included a written extract from the revised Leave the Body Behind Sojourns of the Soul ... and an audio clip further below.

I hope you enjoy them both! It would be fab to hear your thoughts on these ... you can always leave me a comment.

From my speaking Heart...


"Dear child, close your eyes, open your heart, and listen to my voice. Place your trust in me as you become aware of our true connection once more. In a moment, I will take your hand ... and guide you to a special place, deep within the divinity of your soul. Therein, lies a haven of tranquillity. One may call it Paradise, a heavenly realm, or even the garden of Eden.

So, arise from your seat, and walk with me into the light.

Peace reigns supreme here, with familiar sights and sounds and smells. Suddenly, a memory floats through the ether, but the fragrance of freshly hung washing is unable to compete with Mother Nature. Everything man-made fades by the minute, hour, day, and week.

I bathe you now in the warmth of my grace, to radiate throughout your being. This reminds you of the Sun, on which the body and the Earth and all life depend. As the rays descend, they cast shadows all around you. You must embrace these and accept those so-called ‘darkened’ times of your physical journey. Remember, such occasions enable you to mature and gain wisdom, through the experience of many tests and trials.

Indeed, many days and weeks and months or years shall be lived in the ‘grey’. You cannot live constantly in light, or in darkness either. Nonetheless, each person needs to seek the right path ... to learn and grow and share the love inside their heart. This is the reason why you are all here.

You should try to appreciate the middle ground; everything between the ‘up’ and ‘down’ and the ‘in’ and ‘out’ not only provides and helps the ‘doer’—that is, both you and me—but also aids those with whose lives you are linked. You see, love connects all creation—the universal body of man—flowing like blood through the veins, to feed the vital organs of the human form.

Realize too, it is the ‘Son’ which shine’s forever, whether you believe it’s night or day. Likewise, your luminosity shall not disappear but can become hidden through personal traits or karma. Therefore, I urge you to remove this blanket of confusion and illusion, to illuminate your pathway and leave those shadows in your wake. This is eternally the truth, and the truth is eternal.

Understand that uncertainty is born from the mind. Like passing clouds, doubts attempt to cast a veil and obscure your real purpose. So, I bestow my guiding hand to those who fear to lift this shroud from their eyes, as my love can remove any obscurity which blights true vision. Remember, when you are here, the heart and soul and eyes combine, to witness my reality.

Let us move forward into this stillness, to help you rise above fear and pain and worry, which disrupt your ability for rational thinking. Right on cue, wonderful birdsong elevates your thoughts. I am the soft tones and subtle calls you hear across the waves of energy and time. Understand, I sing for you, as lullabies yearn to resonate inside your heart.

High above the treetops, notice the swifts and swallows swoop and glide effortlessly. The wind catches their flight and they almost hover ... letting you catch a glimpse of their forked tails and elegant wings.

Now gaze down, towards the swathes of vibrant flora. Observe the flowers as they bend and swirl ... dancing to my melody, my inspiration; and the rhythm of life itself. Several roses adorn the imaginary border, and though from the same variety, they appear in different colours. In spiritual terms, they resemble the many cultures and shades of your earthly skin, yet the fragrance is identical, like the divine essence you all are.

The importance of wholeness and unity should be recognized and encouraged to replace disparity and separation, caused by the creeds and colours of humankind. Many human acts suggest discourse, when, instead, a simple smile or act of generosity could bring everyone much closer together.

In fact, if you link hands with your neighbours, friends, and family, nothing is impossible for humanity to achieve. In difficult economic times, and the constantly increasing pace of life, this will become more apparent each day.

So, why not reflect upon the wondrous life which envelopes you all? For instance, see the delicate butterfly coming into view, floating gracefully from here and there, as if without a care. From your viewpoint, you will not sense its power, but inside your heart, comprehend the strength of its wings that beat and turn.

Now in slow motion—almost at a standstill—the ripples of sound pulsate, to create their own sublime and beautiful aura of light which merge with their surroundings. This field of energy resembles the pattern made from scattered iron filings on a piece of paper, place above a magnet.

Those who reside on the physical plane must blend with peace and harmony too. This task becomes easier when you disengage yourself from the ‘outer’ senses on a regular basis, as your well-being alters greatly through such earthly attachments. The energies of love and vibration tend to dissipate and scatter into irregular patterns of hate, jealousy, desire, anger, and frustration.

While you are here, these facts remind you that each waking hour can be used for the good of others—as well as yourself—or they can be misused and wasted. It does not matter whether you are working, resting, or playing, because your thoughts and actions and deeds resonate and spiral in every direction. Time is the one thing you can utilize with choice but has no control over its past.

These are your decisions and yours alone. I am not your ‘gatekeeper’, but through every breath, I will you to be the best person you can be. Comprehend, I do not judge what you call ‘mistakes, and I will not forget you or leave anyone to live in ‘shadow’.

Understand, these words—and many others from across the continents of the world—can assist and motivate the many. However, one must only accept what feels right when it resonates deep within. The sensation of truth is clear and precise, which demonstrates you are ready for it too. Know this most important source of stillness will never deny or refuse you entry, and your own divinity cannot and will not, push you away.

Please listen carefully. I shall never disown you; or make you feel inadequate, lonely, or sad; I love every one of you. Through our oneness, I know you completely ... better than your friends and family and you ever could. In addition, I understand your hopes, dreams, and desires, as well as your failings and frustrations. Therefore, let go of past regrets or any feelings of guilt, because today—right this minute—can be the start of your spiritual growth and education.

No one can ever say you are below (or behind) another’s knowledge or wisdom. Even a Saint, Angel, or Archangel can still achieve new or great things. And yet, in love and light, no medals, honours or rewards are required or sought ... only the inbuilt wish and desire to remain connected for eternity.

Recognition of our totality is priceless, its value beyond measure. In comparison, the action of a genuine smile (or a helping hand) upon the physical plane, retains a greater worth than the millionaire who unwillingly donates money to charity. Such gifts may well be welcomed by those who need them, but the energy of love that radiates from an open, peaceful person, is more precious than trinkets, diamonds, or gold.

Know this, the real jewels which adorn the crown of my heart are your Souls, while your tears hang in suspension around me, only to fall when you recognize our connection. Their magnificence and brilliance are infinite, as they glisten and radiate more than a billion Suns.

So, for the time being, I release your hand. Do not be sad, in the knowledge that to let you go, is not the same as letting you go. Simply remember me by remembering us. The peace you need and seek and truly crave is not in faraway forests or mountains but in the core of your heart.

Then, through your self-realization comes understanding ... both you and I reside in this deep recess as one together, in harmony and friendship and bliss. Appreciate too, the light which shines upon you, warming your face, is the grace I give you all each day, now and forevermore. Amen."



PS. Remember, become still to know the truth of 'You'.

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