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Grab this with BOTH hands!


Hello fellow devotees, aspirants and seekers of truth.

People often worry about the lack of time, or even too much of it. When you believe you are enjoying something or someone's company time appears to fly by. But, if you are doing something you dislike or with frustration or annoyance .. seconds appear to become minutes, and they can soon feel like hours! Clearly, this purely involves one's emotions, your feelings to a situation you find yourself in.

This will become more apparent if you are somewhere and thoughts emerge like, 'I wish I wasn't here'. In contrast, when you sense the absence of a loved one or a beloved pet, time is cruel, painful, or seems unfair.

Again, if a connection is true, then your emotions are displayed through what you say, think and do. Tears can flow and the heart can feel ripped apart ... yes, broken hearted. But what about your connection to the source and fountain of love inside you? What may appear to disippate and fade away is only imaginary. The well of the heart can never run dry!

So today, can you spare a few minutes for your heart and soul? Will you allow the peace to descend upon you? Are you able to give just a few moments of your time in contemplation for the divinity within? The choice is always yours.

Whatever you do and however you spend yout time ... may your hours and days ahead be filled with peace and joy . Just grab it with both hands ... before it is gone. Dave (AFY)


Today's top tip: Don't strive to live in the moment ... BE the moment!


From my speaking heart:

Grab this with BOTH hands!

"Time is often wasted.

Time can cloud the truth.

Time is a gift.

Time is precious.

Time has the ability to wash away your tears.

Time helps you focus upon the important things in life.

Time is simply a dimension ... the present I pre-sent at the dawn of awakening.

Time cannot prevent light from emanating and illuminating all that I am.

As the river of time flows by, it is only I who can guide and ease you to the safety of the shore and into my loving arms.

Time to be utilized and spent in, through, to, and from love. Therefore, try to act, speak, work, rest, and play in truth, and with a passion and purpose to be the best soul and human being you can be.




PS. Remember, live the moment, feel the moment ... BE the moment!

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