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Follow your Soul ... it Knows the Way.

We are sparks of God, the divine, the creator ... and every life form throughout the Cosmos exists only because the same Universal energy flows through them all.

When you acknowledge and understand this fact (along with a constant inner enquiry to our true connection), you become your own teacher of truth. Comprehend that silence and stillness allow you to venture beyond the boundary of the senses. And, by turning inwards, you harness an innate ability to rise above the restrictive process of one's thoughts and emotions ... which evolve from past impressions upon the mind and countless experiences of the body.

Appreciate that it is here and here alone where you may utilize the intelligence of your consciousness towards the goal of eternal bliss. Know that the soul knows the way and will provide you with a continual opportunity to bear witness to your union with Creation, and help you bypass (or even erase) your karmic memory built over the eons of time.

So, as you make your way upon the path of truth, please re-learn how to be joyful—and become unaffected by what you may deem as the good or bad of anything. And please have fun along the way ... for you already reside in a heavenly realm of love and light! Have a lovely week ahead, keep safe and strong. (David— AFY)

Today's top tip: When you embark upon the challenges ahead, try to become conscious of all your actions ... and believe that what you do and achieve in work and rest or play brings progress, not only for yourself ... but for humanity and planet Earth too.

From my speaking Heart...

Follow your Soul ... it Knows the Way.

"In the stillness of solitude and contemplation, you hear me though I do not speak. You know me inside your heart, though I am unknowable to the mind. You sense me as a memory or a thought, a longing for something more. Now feel my love like the warmth from a protective blanket, which envelops you like a cocoon—an unbreakable shell until ascension from the physical and impermanent plane.

Understand that when you sit in silence and become elevated beyond the false image of what you currently think of as ‘you’ i.e. the body ... you can comprehend all that you are … life energy in its truest form— ‘light’.

Then, you will resonate through and upon higher frequencies and dimensions, and new understanding will flow like water over rock, cascading from energy points around your form through many chakras to stabilise your very being. New knowledge shall provide you with the wisdom one requires, by living the experience of ‘man’ and so much more besides.

You think you are infinitesimal, but beyond the mind, you will realise you are everything and everything is you. Through wisdom comes the understanding every soul is a brilliant light ... that becomes more beautiful by being cleansed from its journey through time. Amen".



PS. Remember, belief brings balance!

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