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Do Everything with Love.

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Doing everything with love might be easier said than done ... but why should that be the case? Surely, its the most natural emotion and energy we possess? Then, there are those in the world who seem to just love to hate ... appearing to be angry with everyone around them. Maybe they are ill, whereby their heart is full of disease (dis-ease within themselves) but realise that eventually love always finds a way ... because even a madman loves someone or something in their life.

We need to realise that even the Sun just luvvvves to shine. It's what it does ... and what it was created for, to help us live and exist on this planet. Wherever you are at night, it may seem to have disappeared, yet in the morning it will be there. Dependable and nurturing. It sustains us just like God's love.

This love is everlasting. It does not fade if (or when) people deny or turn their backs on 'him/her'. In fact, while we may have painful episodes and desperate times in our lives, that is when you will know God is there for you ... because he/she does everything for love. Know that the reasons we go through certain experiences may not become apparent for months, or even years later. But trying to understand the why's, what's and wherefores' of your karma is impossible on the physical level.

So ... it becomes better to live with the knowledge that love is forever within, without, above and below you. Simply accept your role in the world. Be like the Sun ... constantly emitting the truth of who and what you are. Moreover, allow your acceptance of God's will to work through you.

May the pillars of trust and faith keep you strong and powerful in the days, weeks and months and (hopefully) years ahead. Peace. Dave (AFY)

Today's top tip: Practice ultrulistic love ... this will help control your sense desires.


From my speaking heart: Do Everything with Love.

Love is the way you are. Love enables you to fulfil the destiny of the soul in conscious outer manifestation ... a just and merciful compassion that is always rewarded by individual creative fulfilment.

Through the power of love, 'man' must learn how they may impart into others, the beauty and compassion that they have received from me. Love does not need to have sustenance from anyone, therefore, if you are loving ... it spreads!

So, be loving. Begin to percieve your inner voice and follow it. This will enable your spiritual progress to flourish through right living, your good conduct and moral behaviour. Some may call these by-products ... but this is your natural 'state' of being. In fact, to simplify this further, one's life must be directed to the removal of the huskthose hardened beliefs and attitudes of hate and fearto reveal the kernel ...your divine essence and beauty of the soul which is eternal.

Understand love resonates in truth and truth in love, for it cannot be confined by any being or beast, nor divided or seperated between light and darkness or erased by time and distance. Amen."



PS. Remember, love knows no fear, and so love needs no falsehood to support it (Baba).

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