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Creation and Love Go Hand in Hand!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Since time immemorial, ‘man’ has looked to the stars and wondered of the vastness of space. The ‘how’ and ‘what’ or the ‘why’ of creation are compelling indeed. And it somehow compels our hearts to enquire the truth of it all.

Is there a God? What else is out there? Is there a heaven? Will I still exist after I die? In fact, countless questions are like the multitude of the stars above … they appear to temporarily illuminate your queries and concerns, but do they lead and provide you with the answers that you need?

Realise that what you see or read or hear are all temporary solutions. Only in the silence of your stillness can you discover the reality of it all, and the voice of truth. This is your guide and confidant … a true friend who will never leave you and will always love you.

God, the Great White Spirit, the divine, Atma, I AM I … are all but names derived from our minds and consciousness. The creator doesn’t care about this. He/she/it just wants you to open your heart to the creation and love that is you and all around you. Through your self-realization of who and what and why you ‘are’, you’ll understand you possess the same power to create.

What you decide to create is another matter! Is it love … or hate? Is it truth or lies? Do you share the light or darkness towards any living thing? The choice is always your own.

Have a fab week ahead. Peace. (AFY)

Maybe God did throw some magic space dust after all!

Today's top tip: You are the creator too ... so go and create your own piece of magical love!


From my speaking heart:

Creation and Love Go Hand in Hand!

"Through rebirth to the physical plane, you become entwined as ‘one’, into the embodiment of ‘man’. Therefore, correct action enables good karma, which brings balance to each element of your being. Let the flower of your heart bloom. Allow it to display petals full of fragrance from your love and divine presence. May this aroma sail in the wind and fall upon ‘life’ both far and wide, to touch many souls across many tides. Distance or time cannot prevent light from emanating and illuminating all that I am.

You should strive for your true goal of peace and bliss, and the ‘Nirvana’ within me. So then, how do you gain your immortality? Well, one must lose immorality to become a worthy human being, without anger, jealousy, ego, attachment, and envy. Try to appreciate this opportunity; after all, you earned the right to your current body, which will enable you to reach your destiny.

No other ‘beings’, animals, or living things in all of creation are at this particular stage of development. Be blessed with my grace and accept the chance you desire deep ‘within’. Do not waste your days. Your body and senses become weak with old age, so how do you think you will feel ... when the question of your own life and mortality comes to haunt you?

I am not berating any individual, but am trying to tell you about the truth: the earlier you awaken in this lifetime and body, then the easier it is to reach self-realization. I give you the ability to understand this, and if the senses are sharp, you will focus on the goal in question.

Be near and dear to me, so when you gaze out from the heart and window of your soul, you will bear witness to all I am. When you contemplate creation, know and behold me. And, when stillness befalls you, realise all this is inside you, for I am you and you are ‘I’. Remember, love will purify all when you yourself call. For now, rest within the silence and peace. Amen."



PS. Remember, everything is a reflection of your trueself.

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