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Become a Truth Magnet!

And stop drawing spikey, negative, and so-called painful experiences towards you.

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They say opposites attract, so surely, even if we are negative then positivity will come … and vice versa. Well, maybe it will, and maybe it won’t. Perhaps our thought processes have blockers on them, I mean life can’t all be bad, right?

The thing here is to stop trying too hard. When we act as true human beings … with honesty, love, and kindness, God seems to work through us with ease. If one is hateful, angry, deceitful, and unforgiving, the pillars of trust and faith may appear to abandon us. Simply allow God’s work to be done, after all, you are not the real do-er you believe you are.

In truth, life isn’t easy, and who said it ever was? Even those with so-called silver-spoons in their mouth have concerns, illness, financial issues, family, and relationship problems too. No one can avoid karma and their karmic imbalance which needs to be rectified. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be here on the earth-plane at this current time.

So, how can you ensure you have an easy path ahead? Which direction should you follow? Will the needle point towards north, south, east, or west? Know that (in every aspect of our hours, days, weeks, months, and if we are lucky, years ahead) … it is not the magnet where any fault lies. The deficiency lies in the dirt on the needle. By cleansing our thoughts, words, and deeds we will ensure we walk a cleaner, purer path that leads to a bright future – for us all.

Have a lovely week ahead. Dave AFY.



From my speaking heart:

Be a Truth Magnet!

"I ask you not to fade, not when you are so close to living the dream, the truth of all things. Please push forward. Keep moving. Do not rest upon your laurels but keep reaching out … and let your love ‘light’ the way ahead for you and for the many. Indeed, all those who walk the pathway of illumination leave a trail, like stardust cast from my hand at the beginning of creation … with each soul a tiny speck, yet still sparkling in the ether, against a backdrop of doubt and despair.

Other souls will follow. They will learn and grow from new knowledge and experience, gaining wisdom to the truth within them. I will attract each one of you to me, just as a magnet draws iron filings across a page. Not because I force you, but because you want to. Love knows no bound. So, even in the darkest of days, and no matter how far you believe you have drifted from me, I am still here and there and everywhere.

I may seem to be the tiniest, faintest chink of light at the end of the tunnel, but I am I … always, and for all times. Therefore, you are not lost. The darkness has not, and never will, ‘win’ … because it is only a reflection of the same light within and without all things that exist, including you and me.

Let no one tell you any differently, so believe in what your heart tells you. It will never let you down. Then, if or when you feel confused, or even despair, I will be the voice of your conscience to guide you through barricades which others (or even yourself) erect to keep me from you … and from you knowing me and the truth ‘inside’.

Our love will burn away every false desire. It will also keep you warm on those days when you feel frozen by indecision and uncertainty. It is the one fuel that cannot erode or ever dissolve … unlike the natural resources deep within the Earth being consumed by humanity, and which will eventually dissipate and be no more.

Indeed, it is the most powerful, sustainable energy, for it cannot be bought, bargained for, manipulated, bent, or broken against its will. Any other force cannot contain love and hence it is permanent, going beyond the veil of so-called death. It is the greatest gift I give to you in order that you will grow and learn, and then realise you have only come full circle … back unto yourself. Amen."



PS. Remember, when you mend your own ways and live in peace ... you 'sew' the truth for all to see.

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