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Beautiful review of I am I: The In- Dweller of your Heart by David Knight. Reviewed by Nora Chipley

I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart: 52 Inner Dictations – David Knight by David Paul Knight Edition: PaperbackPrice: $9.99Availability: In Stock

Look Deep into Your Soul with Author David Knight,January 25, 2012

I am I by David Knight I have yet to review a book of poetry or religion, or religious poetry. That is until author David Knight crossed my desk. I have always loved God and have tried my best to walk with Him, but at times, I found myself a few steps ahead of Him, while He trailed behind me. I tried living life the way ‘I’ thought best suited me and that maybe I knew what was better for ‘me’. Looking back now, I see that in order to do that, I had to close my eyes to what my heart and soul was telling me was right and wrong. I didn’t look too far into myself, or I would come to the realization, that in fact, what ‘I’ was doing, was NOT in His will. I have read the Bible from front to back like a lot of people have. I however cannot quote passages like a lot of people that have studied it. I feel after reading David’s book, I have missed ‘the meat’ of the word that feeds and sustains a person’s soul. Reading his book opened up a whole new side to my spiritual self. I feel it opened my eyes and allowed me to experience the goodness of the heavens, God, spirit, and the soul. It was like the missing ingredients in a recipe, without them it was incomplete, tasteless, useless. So, I took a spoon and added the missing ingredients to my heart, mind and soul and it made me feel like I was a whole person. A person that God meant for me to be. I was able to look at things in a whole new perspective which made my walk in sync with His. If we walk day after day in the same way without change, we become stale. We just accept what is, and not what can be. We say our prayers, sometimes just out of habit or, oh let’s just admit it, just out of habit. We get up and go to church on Sunday because, it’s habit. We sit on the pews watching the Pastor’s mouth moving, but in our minds we’re thinking about what we are going to have for lunch after church. So, instead of getting fed for the week, we walk away as empty as we were when we walked in the door. I feel David’s book ‘I am I’ can be used as a daily devotional, a lesson to be read before we go to work or to school. A lesson to be read before we lay our heads down at night. God is just a word or a thought away. This book digs deep deep into the soul and plants wonderful seeds that will grow beautiful fruits of the Spirit. David is a very talented author who is passionate about what he writes. He comes across as a very loving, caring and dedicated person, and it all shines through his words in ‘I am I’. Your soul and heart will never be the same, nor will you look at things the same way when you are finished with the book. You will be compelled to read it over and over again, each time finding a new morsel of joy. The love and compassion jump off of each page and envelope your heart, mind, and soul. It makes you feel warm and wanted inside. It helps you to understand the questions you may have had before you opened it. I could go on and on about this wonderful book, but I want you to experience the great things it holds for yourself. I give ‘I am I’ by David Knight five stars ***** Beautiful

MANY THANKS NORA, I am so humbled by your gracious words. God Bless  Dave

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