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The universe has often cleansed and been 'reborn' to be worthy of the divine ... so Avatars take place on Earth to declare God is everywhere.

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Did you know that word Avatar means descent? This is because it represents the descent of God in human form, the ‘indweller’ of our hearts. And, throughout creation, God has manifest as the Avatar or form incarnate for the benefit of us all … to bring the kingdom of heaven to the earth and to resurrect the kingdom of heaven in each human heart. He/she is not governed by time or nature … being everywhere and everything. Incarnations such as Krishna and Rama (to name a few) brought their teachings and love and guidance for ‘mankind’ as examples to follow.

However, there are two aspects to this … whereby the birth of man ascends. This is the ascent of our consciousness and divine nature into God-head. Going beyond the boundary of our senses is crucial to acheive this because they disturb the mind, which is full of desires. One must simply direct thought and word and deed to God and thus avoid anxiety and fear. In doing so you will purify the heart and cleanse your emotions.

In this week ahead, try to think beyond your physical body or ‘name’ —the person you think you are—and instead evoke the divinity within you. Dave (AFY)

Today's top tip: Know that through the yearning as a devotee/aspirant and truth seeker, you will begin to recognize your own innate divinity. PS I loved the Avatar film ... a shame about the delays to the sequel!


From my speaking heart: AVATAR

"Welcome again to the stillness and the peace, away from all the earthly things which trouble your mind and heart. Understand it is here and here alone where your own self-realization can take place ... and this is the only route and direction (which all must take) towards fulfilment and joy.

As I begin this lesson today, many souls gather around you to listen and learn. Spiritual education, or moreover your education of your spirit or soul, does not cease through (or from) birth or death, they are steppingstones to aid you. In fact, through these ‘cycles’ to erase the radiating coil of darkness and karma, you pass through many lifetimes, and so, deep ‘within’ is where you choose or determine this path for yourselves. How much a soul or fragment of light grows—and becomes lighter and brighter—is not set in stone, but dependent only upon their own choices.

Please believe you are all aided and guided too, though as I stated once before, ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink’. Do not be annoyed or offended by this statement (as this is not my intention) ... for only through your own endeavours can you understand and therefore grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Remember, I am with you always and forever; you are never alone. By simply acknowledging this, you will believe in me … and in yourself, too. All your adversities and experiences, and also your joy and happiness, will merge, going hand in hand along your journey to discover and help you realise who I am.

You may well read the last sentence and sense the same expression in the question, ‘Who am I?’ To the reader and the disciple of love and truth, they can seem quite different, but they are not. This is because the ‘who I am and who am I?’ questions are but a reflection of one truth, the inner reality, the secret, the desire, and the goal for all souls. Therefore, you are me and I am you … the ‘I am that I am’ or God in me ‘IS’.

These are two of the countless expressions which try to convey and represent me in words. This is impossible … because I am the formless ‘form’ and the nameless ‘name’. Only by finding the truth within will you find me … and only then can you understand the truth and be able to answer the question, Who am I? Amen."



PS. Remember, you are n Avatar too ... an incarnation of the divine!

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