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Ah .... so that's how to serve God!

When I was about 6 or 7, I recall being with the family on a trip to the coast. As I gazed from the car window and surveyed the rolling green fields and hills, I asked out loud, “Why I am here … what I am supposed to do?” Well, at the time the answer wasn’t forthcoming from either the back … or the front seats! I guess at that age I was better seen and not heard, haha not!

Mind you, who can blame them all. Perhaps it was the fact they were all tired or they couldn’t bother conversing with a nipper like me, who couldn’t even pronounce bird’s nests - I used to call them birds mests! Remember, I was only young people!

Anyway, I digress. So, at some point, you will identify that your true goal and purpose lies with self-realization, whereby you finally perceive what is already there. You realise deep within your heart that you are a soul of love, part of the ‘one’ … a divine spark of God, but how does that relate to your daily life?

As you make your way on this royal road of truth and experience—you might say, 'ok, but what should I do with that knowledge and wisdom? Well, it is all about service! When you think about it, everyone is serving each other in some way, shape or form. The shopkeeper, the binman, the nurse, the politician (err, okay haha), and even the Queen serves her ‘people’. So, don’t ever think that what you do doesn’t help anyone. Or, that you must be seen as worthless or useless because that’s NOT true. You are invaluable ... you truly are. but to know the real terms of service ... one must understand that ‘man’ has to recognize the indebtedness to society and his duty towards it. Enjoy today’s post.

Today's top tip: The service of man is the ONLY means by which you can serve God!

(Oh, btw ... you decide to treat your better half to breakfast in bed ... I hope they don't leave any crumbs in it haha).

From my speaking Heart...

Ah .... so that's how to serve God!

"Like most areas of people’s lives, it is the ego which dictates one’s thoughts and actions, and so the role you play within the theatre of life upon the earth bears no relation or consequence. However, you are all born ‘equal’ (please dismiss one’s physicality, gender, or material surroundings), and possess the same divine essence inside you, therefore no one should be seen as being (or working), above or below one's 'station’. Do you ever imagine your life this way?

Remember, one will always be happy if you enjoy what you do, and not take what you do as a living as just a means to an end. I recognize this, as sometimes a family’s well-being or absence of money can force a person to take on new, unfamiliar work, or have life-changing circumstances thrust upon them. Please understand, times like these give rise to new opportunities, and are not always doom and gloom. In addition, you are never alone, so you do not need to fear, for I know exactly what you need, and when.

One should not worry about the whys, what’s and wherefores, but simply do the best you can. After all, those in what some call a menial job still get served too, be it in a shop, store, or restaurant, for example, so who serves who the most? You all serve one another without even thinking or believing it, so it is natural to assist and help each other, even if you don’t realize or contemplate it! In truth, one could say you are still serving ‘God’, as every one of you is a spark of Divinity and me.

As such, any fruits of your labour should become secondary, so please do not worry in this respect. Of course, this becomes harder to do if you are on or below the 'breadline’, but try you must, for anxiety and angst display a lack of trust in yourself and me, and this negativity attempts to block the ways ahead in which I lead and guide you forward.

By supporting one another, no human being should struggle to survive, or have too little (or nothing), to eat or drink. So, by sharing and serving all life, then life can serve you too. For instance, Mother-Earth freely gives her resources to humanity (as does the light of the Sun), and both are constant and unwavering whilst they support you to grow and experience 'life'. Do they ‘speak, requesting anything in return? No. Do they fail to shine, or provide the sustenance you require with any condition attached? No.

Only through your love can you realize and appreciate the joy of warmth, the air you breathe, the water you drink (or cleanse your body with), the clothes you wear, the fuel you obtain for your home, the beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and the mountains, lakes, seas, fire, and ice. All these things in Creation are for you, as I serve you gladly and eternally.

‘Service’ goes way beyond why you rise from your bed, or the reasons behind all your tasks. Everything is linked, inevitably, uniquely, and specifically for the benefit of every being. Therefore, one’s relationships in work, rest, and play provide assistance and a lesson, no matter how small or large in shape or form, even if it is not apparent at the time, or even until years later.

In fact, you may all question the purpose, but not the experience or outcome, because you always grow in knowledge through it. This leads you to gain wisdom, to carry you forward on the path your soul chose ... way before one’s physical embodiment upon the earth-plane.

Understand and appreciate then, whether you are knee-deep in rubbish and living life in the ‘gutter’, or if your body lies on silk sheets and your head appears to live amongst the stars, this is all temporary, fleeting, and impermanent. Only your heart and soul contain the humility to overcome the smugness of false power and ego, or those unwanted depths and lows of what seems an unworthiness of self, carried towards your fellow ‘man’. True service must therefore start with love, not for self-gain or in pity either, but because it will enable you to elevate the oneness of you all, now and forever. Amen".



PS. Remember, Love must express itself as Service!

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