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A Day of Celebration ... For We Are All One Big Family!

In 1993, the United Nations introduced May 15th as International Family Day to the world in order to emphasize the importance that 'family' plays to ensure peace and harmony for society on a whole. Now this is kind of funny, because God didn't waste any time at all to place these sorts of notions into our Souls (as sparks of divinity) when we were all 'born' anyway!

In truth, the role the family has upon one's upbringing (and future life) is immense, but that doesn't mean someone who is classed as 'bad' can't love ... for even a madman loves someone or 'something'.

Obviously, life might start off on a rather difficult footing if one is an orphan, has divorced parents at an early age, or if you have lived with the stress and anguish from any mental or emotional or physical abuse- by violent parents or siblings, or other relatives.

But let’s keep our focus on the more so-called ‘positive’ aspects ... perhaps you can all go for a walk and bask in Mother nature's beauty, maybe sit together, and watch a favourite film, or simply relax with a coffee and have a good old chinwag?

Please try to utilise this day both now -and in the future- as a day of celebration for peace, for sharing, and with hope for all the world ... as we are all one big family! Have a lovely week ahead. (AFY)

(A happy family is but an earlier heaven- George Bernard Shaw)

Today's top tip: Ring, zoom, whatsapp, or simply allow your prayers and thoughts and feelings to fly across the ether ... with personal wishes to share the joy of 'family'.

From my speaking Heart

A Day of Celebration ... For We Are All One Big Family!

"Along with notable evidence such as documents, letters and photographs, DNA ‘links’ are handed down from generation to generation. In essence, every human being and element of life that exist within and upon different vibration (energy) levels are all connected in some way.

Over the centuries, for those who were orphans, adopted or enslaved it can be a painful experience. Sometimes the answers do not live up to the expectations while trying to discover where they come from or belong in the world. This becomes even more apparent when the question of your own destiny draws close to each Soul. In time, the truth will clear all the illusions and confusion veiling minds and hearts, empowering everyone to fulfil their goals, returning to bliss and true peace in me.

Please consider that you all form a ‘tree of life’. Think of this as one simple, yet powerful, magnificent structure, because all things come from, through and to me. I hope this explains that nothing is separate or different, either above, below, or inside and out of me too.

Now imagine the roots of a physical tree as it anchors itself in its location, the foundation for its life. This enables it to grow strong and tall, embedded, deep within the soil ... well similarly; the histories of many lifetimes originate from your own Soul.

If you view a tree in its different seasons, you can understand a simple process. After the wintertime of your sleeping years (from being in denial), you gradually reawaken through truth, for a time will come when spring alerts you to the brilliance of Creation and the blossoming of your love.

As such, this recognition arrives because love and light radiate to, through, and from you. The tree’s leaves will return and form a canopy, a crown of beauty and elegance, which protects and captivates. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding, then filter through to the branches of you all. I am the giver of all life, who knows exactly what each one of you need, and when too.

Believe that summer arrives for you to bask within the glory and the splendour, and you can feel this every day if you choose too, because the core of life is love, and you are all part of me. Please do not think of those who are near the top of the tree as any better than yourself, for ego has no importance or part to play, so strive to be ‘you’ and live-in truth.

Once you are ready, it is time to return to your permanent state, and as those autumn leaves fall ... bliss and peace, and your true inheritance beckon. My breath shall blow upon every leaf, and even though they seem to fade and die, in reality they fly and soar beyond your earthly senses. In doing so, believe my love guides you all … every single one, straight back home, forever unto me. Amen."



PS. Remember, no matter what you are experiencing right now, or how awkward or difficult life appears to be, do not think you are alone in this world. You are NEVER on your own ... because God’s love resides both within and out of you for all eternity!

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