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11-11-11 and Remembrance Sunday

Love from, to and through all the world on this day.

Will you remember this Remembrance Sunday? If you wear a poppy, do you question why? Then, when this time is over will you display your heart with as much thanks and pride? Will you ever recall the tears of past deeds and endeavours or will they fade and become distant memories too?

You are everything and everything is you. And so, as you now see the fields of poppies before your mind’s eye, let each one remind you of the connection to each other and me.

Each one, each Soul is not lost or forgotten but remains forever in my loving embrace. Whatever Nationality, whatever religion and whether you are white, black, yellow or red, it does not matter to me.

When all Souls unite behind the banner of Love, you will all remember and rise above the false veil of death, all will be reborn into eternal bliss. The poppies and tears that fall will become symbols of everlasting peace and forgiveness, hope and the glory of Light, the Divinity of you all. Amen

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