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Updated: Oct 10, 2021


Today's post

It is the heart that is important ... for there lies the truth of you. But did you know that while the physical heart lies on the left side of the body ... your spiritual heart is on the right, hence human life has two sides. Follow the right, as it will guide and lead you towards your own self-realization.

In addition, you are not captivated by time or distance or fear or by anyone or anything. Even a prison cell can not prevent love from radiating the wondrous joy and peace and divinity and light from within.

That said, whether you regard those who are incarcerated as wicked, evil, or monsters ... one should not judge another where love is concerned. Of course, this can be a difficult concept/process to grasp, especially where a murder has occurred. However, compassion and forgiveness can eradicate hate and despair and these traits can flow from the heart like water over rock ... if one allows.

In essence, we must all strive to become true human beings (worthy of the divinity inside us) whereby a heart of stone transforms into a compassionate one. In reality, this becomes so much easier when our thoughts and words and deeds are aligned with the purity of love.

May you have a peaceful and loving week ahead of you! Dave (AFY)


From my speaking heart: IT IS THE HEART THAT IS IMPORTANT

Your heart is the gift of creation. It is the seat of your soul and the very altar of God. Comprehend that inside the heart there is the central chamber, surrounded and protected by a force field know as the 'cosmic' interval. This chamber is separated from matter, and no microscope or probing can ever discover it.

Only true vision ... when the eyes of the body and soul and mind are in unison can one bear witness to its magnificence. Know that it is the connecting point of the powerful crystal cord of light that descends from your God presence- which sustains the beating of your physical heart. This also gives your life purpose and a reason for integration with the cosmos. Therefore, we must cherish this contact point of 'life', by turning within to pay conscious recognition to it.

And here's what Sai Baba said in 1996:

The everlasting, pure love arises from the heart. In fact, it is ever-lasting and all-pervading. How is it that man is unable to recognize such all-pervading love? it is because man' s heart today has become barren and polluted with desires which leave no room for pure, unsullied love to enter. It is only when the worldly attachments are expelled from the heart that there will be room for real love to abide in it and grow. (Baba)




PS. Remember, love can not be contained by four walls crushed, burnt, buried nor disappear into the ether ... it is the one thing that is everlasting.

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