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David Knight

About David

David Knight is an Amazon #1 International best-selling author. His ten personal transformational books, written through ‘spirit,’ have provided the basis for many spiritual development and healing circles he has conducted over the past twenty-five years ... while also sharing his enlightened experiences at mind, body, and spirit engagements in the UK.


Book Review

"Thank you very much for your book. I feel compelled to write to you, to offer my gratitude, encouragement, and support. My intention was to root through the books in the mind, body, and Spirit section at Waterstones, I shortlisted half a dozen books, deliberated, then going with my intuition, decided to buy your book. From the start of reading it, I was instantly absorbed. Energy vibrated inside of me, my mind eased, tears formed, and hope came back into my life. Once again, thank you and those that guided you with your book. God Bless, Love and Best Wishes." 


Mr Chun, Devon, UK.

Company Testimonial

"Working for David is always a pleasure; he knows exactly what he wants and is so passionate about producing the best quality of book. I have always found him to be enthusiastic, and he's really supportive of other writers—he has BETA read for me before, offering honest constructive criticism to aid improvement. I wish him every success."


E. Rachael Hardcastle (bestselling author and founder of Curious Cat Books publishing house, UK).

Book Review

"David knight’s wonderful book, ‘A Pocket Full of God’ allows the inner truth from God to speak to your body, soul, and mind. Each page allows bite-sized thoughts to flow through your being … which help you to absorb the deep wisdom and life-energy of unconditional love. This is wonderful for those wanting to learn how to access their own reality … the Divine within and is a perfect cure for much of our fear-based lives that we live today. If you truly embrace the guidance that is shared -with honesty and devotion- he is sure you can live a full and blissful life!"



Latest News

Spiritual Guidance with David Knight Author of A Pocket Full of God on the 


Soulful Valley Podcast

I had the fortunate opportunity to be a guest on Katie Carey's 'Alternative Health' Podcast. She is an amazing lady who has overcome a lot of life challenges and emerged stronger, wiser and very positive in her outlook of life.


Over the 57 mins, we talked about many Mind, Body and Spirit topics. 

Her introduction was so kind, "David Knight, the author of 8 brilliant Spiritual books (I have read them all) brings some great insights and ideas. I love his work, and reading his first book Pathway was the catalyst for my personal and spiritual development -which started in 2011. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!


BTW - Her Podcast is climbing up the Apple charts fast! You can connect with Katie@Soulfulvalley on FB and Instagram.

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