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When all is said and done … just trust in God!

Hello to one and all!

Over the course of the last few days, I’ve come across people with physical, emotional and material concerns/problems. When we go through such things it’s easy to think or say, “I’ve got enough to deal with” or that you “Can’t cope with anything more”.   

However, when health, work or family pressures and concerns seem too much to bear you only need to draw from the well of your heart – where our true connection to God resides.

Here, our so-called fears are transformed into faith … stress dissipates into peace …  anguish turns to assurance, and turmoil becomes the trust we all seek and need … and all because of love.

Today’s post (below) highlights these very points. Here’s to a positive week ahead!



Photo credits: oui-ennui on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND 

When all is said and done … just trust in God! 

“Dear child, listen to my voice. Close your eyes and dive deep into the well of your heart. Place your trust in me as you become aware of our true connection once more. Know that you have been reminded, and guided to this special place of peace and truth, deep within the divinity of your Soul. Therein, lies a haven of tranquillity. One may call it paradise, a heavenly realm, or even the garden of Eden. 

However, please understand, you must accept those so-called ‘darkened’ times of your physical journey. Remember, such occasions enable you to mature and gain wisdom, through the experience of many tests and trials.

Indeed, many days and weeks and months or years shall be lived in the ‘grey’. You cannot live constantly in light, or in darkness either. Nonetheless, each person needs to seek the right path, to learn, to grow and share the love inside their heart. This is the reason why you are all here.

Realise too, that one’s Soul journeys (sojourns) on the Earth-plane are milestones, though some say ‘millstones’ – due to the burden of karma and life’s tasks. So, if you sense this weight upon your shoulders, do you think you need to escape or embrace such tribulations? The choice is forever your own. But once more, I urge you not to worry, as your religion, colour, age or sex are all irrelevant … all you need to do is to try and walk the path of truth. Amen.” 


PS. Remember, please do not worry.  Simply take each day as it comes.



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Leave the Body Behind



I will continue to post extracts from our books, which I hope you will find informative and uplifting. They aim to encourage you to become the best person, human being and Soul you can be! Remember, parts 1 and 2 and 3 have all been collated with and through ‘inner-dictation’ from my speaking heart to yours … so please enjoy!

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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