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“Those tragic scenes in Nice, and how love and kindness can help ” – AFY.

     Welcome, and good morning to all aspirants, devotees, and seekers of  love and truth.

It may be the start of another week, but who could ever forget the tragic scenes of carnage which took place in Nice. For those who klll or maim, their hate and evil does not appear to discriminate between the young or old, male or female or even cast or creed … and who can say what runs through their heart and mind when commiting such acts.

So where do the answers lie? How will the politicians, the police and security forces make the world a ‘safer’ place? And how can YOU make a difference? People often say they have no authority,’I’m only me … what could I possibly do to help?’ Well, in todays post, the In-dweller of our hearts explains how love and kindness is a good place to start.

  In thought and word and deed … try to be true. God bless.


“Throughout evolution, conflicts of hearts and minds  have drifted across the globe, and upon numerous planets, planes and dimensions too. Is there a reason for it? Can any one person truly comprehend such things? More than likely, most of you will find this difficult to do, and therefore it is important these passages of text stick to simple analogies, to enable a greater understanding for all … so let’s just retrace our steps for a moment.

Within your everyday lives, people make compromises and personal sacrifices, often with family, friends, neighbors, employers, and even towards strangers. You may also give your own free time to support someone who is ill, lost, cold, hungry, thirsty or depressed, and in many other ways of pain and anguish subjected upon the body or mind.

Such acts of kindness (when carried out with love), reverberate throughout time and leave an imprint upon hearts and Souls. These do not fade like footprints on wet sand, or hand prints cast as reminders in clay or cement, as they will all disappear, even if it takes thousands or millions of years, because this is inevitable on the impermanent world.

Now, in this ‘modern’ age in which you live, one’s thoughts focus upon the present atrocities and conflicts around the world … but please strive to steer yourself away from what you call painful or ‘sad’ times. Remember, you are each a wave of emotion on the ocean of my love, and one day, every Soul will float upon calmer waters, as the turbulence of  fear and death and false separation becomes forever erased from your hearts.

So I beg of you, to be ‘united’ in love … every country, nationality, color and creed. Do not despair by attempting to establish a meaning of it all.  The reality and truth is not in faraway lands that you cannot reach or find. Nor is it withheld through the eons of time by sacred texts or words, which can no longer be deciphered. There is no secret ‘secret’ … love is the only answer. It is the key and the door and the way and the truth … nothing more and nothing less. Understand, if this were not so, you would not even exist. Amen”.

(Image courtesy of joset- Freedigitalphotos)

PS.  When darkness descends, may your heart ‘shine’, and be the light for those in need.

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May this book be your friend and guide upon your journey called life… 

I am I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart  ‘Collection’

In a process known as ‘inner-dictation’, God’s wisdom and love is transcribed through and from the heart, to help us rediscover who and what we are, and why we exist too. As such, these ‘lessons’, guidelines and principles will resonate inside your Soul, and remove the veil of death, fear and anxiety to provide a clearer vision and purpose. Please be assured, during one’s sojourn, you are able to find your own path towards self-realization, and become liberated into eternal bliss and peace.

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I will continue to post extracts from our books, which I hope you will find informative and uplifting. They aim to encourage you to become the best person, human being and Soul you can be! Remember, parts 1 and 2 and 3 have all been collated with and through ‘inner-dictation’ from my speaking heart to yours … so please enjoy!

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May you keep shining each and every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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