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This Valentine's day ... build a bridge of love.

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

On Valentine's day, God might say to us all, 'Hello, my lovelies' ... though whether you believe or care about things like Valentine's day or not, is entirely your own choice. But surely you love something? Perhaps it's a person or a place ... a beloved pet ... or how about a hobby or a piece of chocolate? Understand that even a madman loves someone or something!

So, if you wake up in the morning, why not fill your thoughts with the joy of living ... for it is full of opportunities to shine the truth of you, which is love. Indeed, you were born of love, you can live in love, and you are love eternal ... these are the facts of your very existence because you are divine and beautiful.

The illusion and confusion and every division between the colours of man including hate, anger, the worry, and stresses of life are all the exterior impressions upon your mind formed from the impermanent world around you ... which then pour forth as the emotions of your heart.

However, you have the power to change the way you think because you are inherently peaceful and truthful and loving and kind, so love yourself ... and let no one or nothing ever detract from that! In addition, when you learn to love life ... life will love you.

Today's top tip: Build a bridge of love ... for you never know what's on the other side.

From my speaking Heart...

This Valentine's day ... build a bridge of love!

"You all exist for a purpose. Each second of your life cannot be controlled though, so do not hide your light behind a mask of woes. Understand that I am inside, outside, above, and below you. I am no more than a thought away. I am ready to guide and support you like a bridge ... over the emotional waters of your grief, pain, sadness, and joy.

Make love the reason for your existence, for this is who and what you are. You do this through thought and word and deed. So, I urge you to grasp the opportunities, which arise each day, to give that smile and to offer that kind gesture or helping hand. These moments resonate across the Universe as echoes of purity and peace. They occur in the unlikeliest of places, and more so during troubled times and periods of conflict. You can be the difference, bringing light into darkened rooms and hearts. One voice can help rekindle the flame inside the souls of many.

Comprehend too that love is the way you are. Love enables us to fulfil the destiny of the soul in conscious outer manifestation—a just and merciful compassion that is always rewarded by individual creative fulfilment. Through the power of love, man learns how they may impart into others the beauty and compassion that they have received from God. Love does not need to have sustenance from anyone, therefore, if you are loving … it spreads! Amen".



PS. Remember, share your love and light from within you ... for we are one family and God/source/I am I ... resides in all.

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