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The UK, frozen by the ‘Beast from the East’ will soon thaw … but how do we resolve

The UK – frozen by the ‘Beast from the East’ – will soon thaw … but how do we permanently solve the problem of our own inner demons?

As the severe weather continues to bring heavy snowfall, minus 08 degrees temperatures and blocked roads, the ‘Beast from the East’ will remain in the headlines … but in truth, the warmth of the Sun will – at some point- thaw these lands and bring warmth to us all. However, while people support each other to get through such times … there is a different ‘Beast’ which needs to be tamed.

Today’s post explains that it is our own inner demon(s) which need to be frozen out from our hearts  …  something that can only be achieved ourselves.   

Try to keep positive and be the ‘sun’ who shines for those in need. Have a good week everyone. Peace. 



                    H.Iverson Visualhunt /CC BY-NC-ND

“As the freezing wind outside howls around your windows and doors, I welcome you to feel the warmth and sustenance ‘within’, where you will find the warmth, peace, contentment and the answers you seek. 

Please become ‘still’, because you can confide in me, in the knowledge I shall not turn you away. I know you better than you can ever know yourself, and am never ashamed of whom, what and why you ‘are’. I understand and will help and strengthen you, as I love you for all eternity.

Realise, if you had nothing to learn, nothing else to do or experience, and if no ‘joy’ was to come from your presence on the Earth, then why are you there?

Furthermore, you possess an armoury at your disposal, which can defeat your one true enemy, yourself. Inner demons of doubt, fear, attachment, desire, anger and hate, can all be dispelled and conquered with the shield of faith, which is as large and wide as you require it to be. With it, you can protect others too, and yet this is still only another choice to make.

Likewise, with the well of hope, you are able to quench your own thirst to instil an unwavering attitude and demeanour, and also pour forth the same to someone less fortunate, whose needs may be far greater, than your own.

So … the wait is over. It is time to pick up the sword of truth and march forward into your destiny. The ego must be slain; cut into two, so compassion and forgiveness not only shines forth but also stays behind, residing within those memories and hearts where you have been.

You must believe these chills of negative times are a mirage, and each moment can bring a warm glow to radiate through your kindness and laughter forever and a day. In doing so, you will discover your true power, and therefore find me. Amen.” 

PS.  Appreciate that in all religions and faiths, I am one God, and I am love. 


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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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