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“THE POWER OF LOVE ” AscensionForYou – Spiritual Guidance and Education

Hello to one and all,  here is another lesson for my Wednesday post.

Trust and hope you’ll find it  informative, uplifting and that it will also encourage you to become the best person, human being and soul that you can be!

Power of Love 

You are me and I am you and deep within you know it’s true.So who is the King and who is the Queen? In the searching and yearning you’ll know what I mean.

Far away, yet nearer than near, lies a belief and prayer but is it one of fear? You may also doubt in what has been your heart’s goal, a choice and a yearning for the love of your Soul.

But know your light and life are also mine too and you’re very ‘all’ will hear then my call. Illusions to be shattered and then cast aside, while my love washes over you like an ever-flowing tide.

So cleansing and purifying is the power of my love, while my grace is within and not just from above. Tears of truth they now fall  from sad eyes and face, deep inside the heart now aches  but from my sweet embrace.

There is no division between you and of I, just like there’s no difference between sense of smell or of sight. Our hearts are entwined and now fixed upon your goal, to stay within my bliss, such a cherished Soul. As Angels of Light now sing and chant my name, for in truth we are one, and we’re all the same.

Now hold on to your thoughts … yes purity of mind, all beings and all life and all of mankind. For every creature of elements, Earth, Water, Ether and in Fire, all resonate through, from and with me never tire.

Indeed ‘we’ are no different and the bodies they have changed, but as said before, we are really just the same. Human beings often think (or feel) they are unique, when in truth it’s the self and the ‘I’ that you seek. Yes so different by colour or creed or with your own name, but don’t fooled by such a strange game.

So inspire and aspire to behold now the truth, whether you’re young or are old or feel long in the tooth!  And be kind to those hiding behind false screens or dark curtains, for they are but veils of despair and sorrow … of that you can be certain.

Okay, your now moving away from rhythm and reason … so please know that yesterday, today and tomorrow the Sun has, and will rise, across all planes, dimensions and different places that I have created in truth, Love and Light. Know that nothing can ever truly die; everything is, was and always shall be. Do not be deluded, don’t be colluded or cajoled into any other thoughts or feelings or deeds to send you from this reality. You are everything that is, was and shall be in past, present and future. For all the deception and all ills, I am the cure. Believe in me; live in me … for you are me. 

Understand this journey you are embracing upon is but a flicker of so called ‘time’. Within me are all Light and Love and all things. Therefore your journey is my journey; your life is my life. You cannot truly die. Your bodies are your current clothes or ‘house’ which is very important as it enables you to remember, experience and know me, the In-Dweller of your heart … the one heart that can never part.

Be near and dear to me just as I am near and dear to you. There is nothing you can offer me other than the flower and petals of your heart’s centre. All that you ever were and are now, and also what you will be, resides there. Do not be afraid, for you are cradled in my loving arms and heart. I am not your Father or Mother and you are not my child as that implies duality. There is none, for we are one and always will be.

The power of love is a Universal beacon of joy, hope and of faith in me and within you too. Its beauty is beyond compare and mankind’s intellect can not yet grasp this. I am your guiding hand of Light that will help you feel your true self, the ‘you and me’, the ‘ONE’. When ‘time’ is right, all will know and more importantly understand all that there is to ‘become’.

The taste of your true being has washed over you tonight and the bliss you have felt lies eternal. It is everywhere, in all places and in all things. Open up the eyes of your heart to know, feel and share freely what you already possess.

For now, rest and be at peace and lay you Soul upon my breast. Feel thy heart entwined as one, thy love and Divine power beating within your chest. In Love and in Light, for now it’s good ‘knight’.  Amen.

Have a good (or should I say ‘God’) day everyone…perhaps with thoughts and prayers for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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God Bless and keep shining brightly! Dave


(Other e-book formats available  via Smashwords after 26th May 2012 when the KDP Select period ends.

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