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Start Believing in Yourself!

PIC 1 - The storm of fear and doubt.

As you make your way through life you will have many ups and downs. Family, work, relationships, financial and one’s health are all potential challenges which bring so-called trials and tribulations. So, how can you deal with turbulent times upon the sea of your emotions? Well, the pillar stone is belief.

When you start to believe in yourself, your faith and trust in God will become strengthened. Instead of dread and despair and anxiety of a new day, you can look forward to the opportunity that it presents … after all, each moment is a gift that is a ‘pre-sent’ given to you as a soul from the dawn of your awakening.

You are urged not to doubt yourself. And do not allow the mind to hold you in what seems a vice like grip, contemplating the past and previous events as some sort of prerequisite of your future days. No. You are free to choose to be happy. By keeping one’s feelings in check, you can treat everything with equanimity … unfazed by the depths and whirlpool of fear and the rise of expectations and joyous and peaceful times.

Know that you will travel with an even keel; buoyant and certain all is as it should be. So please start believing in yourself, and you’ll start believing and trusting and knowing that God will direct you through every storm to calmer waters.

In the week ahead, keep your faith and keep strong. Love and light to you. (AFY)

Today's top tip: When you have belief ... you have everything!


From my speaking heart:

Start Believing in Yourself!

"Please realise that your physical being—almost entirely made of water—can float, bob, and weave and rise and fall upon the ocean of my love. In reality, you may travel by all modes of transport, but when stripped bare to your divine essence, you simply merge as one wave upon the sea of love. Therefore, I ask you not to be afraid.

Comprehend then, as you each embark upon the never-ending tide of emotions, you may succumb to both positive and negative thoughts. And of these, try to realise which ones will eventually guide you or tie you down, like clinging to driftwood floating upon the current, to those unknown shores of anguish and anxiety.

By believing in yourself, you will also appreciate I am your mast and the sails to carry you along to where you truly belong. So you are not lost. Not to me. And, if you somehow feel doubtful of my love, or become disorientated by a whirlpool of desire through the impermanent world, reach for our connection within your heart, and I will instantly bring you to safer, calmer waters.

Any turbulence which seems to overshadow your decision making can, if left unchecked, keep you unfocused. It will even try to deny the truth of whom and what you are. Try then—for a moment—to imagine a ship without a rudder, or a boat with no oars. How could you steer? Well, in fact, you do not even need to try! But how—or why—can this be? Know that your faith and your trust can replace them, and even below the surface, with the undercurrent of what can seem troubled times, there is the strength within your heart to guide you upon the right course and action.

As I have said before, your destiny will be to reach the shore of truth. So, by removing the anchor (anger) of confusion and illusion (which weighs you down), you will soon comprehend self-realization will lead you towards your goal. No longer will you try to sail upon the sea of doubt, which has always attempted to keep you from knowing your true ‘self’ and me.

Within and out, I am nearer than near. Therefore, do not visualize the shore as being too distant or separate from you. Just like two sides of a coin, the land and sea are both opposites, and yet one contains the other. They are inseparable and depend upon each other to reveal their true beauty and reality, as do you and I.

Indeed, you are both my expression and my ‘body’, whilst I am the eternal flame within your heart that can never part. As such, what do you wish to do? Where do you now want to be? Are you trying to overcome or navigate around some seemingly impossible obstacle? Is there an iceberg of mountainous proportions blocking your view towards the new horizon for your soul? And how are you feeling right now? What is your mind, and more importantly your heart, trying to tell you?

More often than not, if you can try to accept all life with the so-called good and bad times with equanimity, then whatever obstruction is in your path will dissipate. Even the iceberg which contains the memory—and layers—of countless winters eventually fades. The problem is never too big … because no matter the size, it will eventually melt and merge into the emotional waters of your existence.

By trying not to force whatever issue surrounds you, then the love and light within can shine on it. This will dissolve your ‘problem’ or concern. It will always help if your expectation of immediate results is dampened down as, more often than not, to achieve different tasks and fulfil hopes and dreams takes time and much effort. Thus, it is down to the individual if they wish to persevere, maintaining a desire to reach their own personal goal.

So, wipe away all darkness and fear. You can disembark from the pretend leisure cruise of the impermanent world, to seek the true horizon beyond both visions and dreams. Then, as the water becomes calm—just like a millpond—you will gaze upon your own reflection, and see the sun (Son) aglow, radiant, and everlasting … and the true you. Amen."


PIC 2 - The calm of belief.


PS. Remember, there is no need to fear, for God is nearer than near.

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