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SSS- Six Sentence Sunday 1-8-2012 FREEDOM – AscensionForYou

Welcome to all those who are new to Six Sentence Sunday ….it’s where you can find lots of great authors writing on a on a variety of subjects  Many thanks to all those who comment regularly, offering their continued support and advice.  Write On!

As many know I have been collating and writing parts one and two of  I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart

through inner dictation over the last few years. In future I will be posting extracts from between the two which I hope you’ll enjoy. Part One of I am I has just been  released as a paperback and e-book  (Links at the end of this post)

So then, could freedom be a state of mind or could it be that if you are able to roam where you choose, that this then implies that you are actually free? 

Those who are incarcerated and in prison (for whatever reason the law of the land professes) or if  one felt trapped by simply ‘circumstance’ and even the forces of nature you would certainly believe this,…and yet the aforementioned statement is still accurate and true.

However, for those who cannot ‘see’, would you think that this is a so called disability or a hindrance to everyday life?

The person who can see a beautiful flower, a rainbow, a mountain or the brightness of the sun shimmering upon a lake reflecting the sky and clouds above, would perhaps say that it is.

And yet, the blind ‘man’ is not tempted by desire by what his mind ‘sees’ and then thinks that he needs.

There is no wanting or wishing what invariably he does not really need and so comparing these two scenarios,…who do you then think is free?

Have a great weekend everyone!   God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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