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SSS- 6 sentence Sunday 3-4-2011 SPRINGTIME

Hi everyone. This short extract from a future book I am I: The In-dweller of your Heart (part 2) was written through inner dictation only the previous week. It was last Saturday morning,  i sat in my deckchair in the garden and it was the first time this year the sun felt so warm. The peace was amazing. If you enjoy these few lines of ‘Springtime‘, please feel free to share them elsewhere too. God Bless, Dave AscensionForYou

The early spring sunshine is realized as a blessing. Blue sky creates an ambience and serenity that seems to float down upon you. Within the garden, birds float effortlessly on the ‘wing’, while others sit and sing magical notes like sweet lullabies.

Some may sense this  feeling as a new beginning, just like the flower bulbs coming to the surface and the daffodils opening to the sun. Everywhere you look for truth, you will see that this too is flourishing.

Many Souls’s are now emerging from the shade, yes shadows of doubt and confusion.

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