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SSS- 6 sentence Sunday 15-5-2011 Have Mercy and don’t be a Zombie!!

Mercy can fulfil you and ignite your enthusiasm so that if (or when) those periods of your life which become intolerable, unbearable and all-consuming, you will know in your heart that Divine intervention has taken place.

Upon numerous occasions there are windows of opportunity to accept mercy or to deny it to others. You can be gentle and caring or be controlling and this will project false ego upon another.

Every day of you life you will have these choices appear in front of you. It is then for the individual and the individual alone to either embrace and protect their personality and character whilst being illumined with true human values, or to succumb to lower energies and traits of a beast or zombie like being.

When you accept mercy within you life then this new path brings you forward to realise that it is a present, a golden nugget of your growth, i.e. spiritually, mentally and emotionally.


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