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SSS- 6 sentence Sunday 13-03-2011 AscensionForYou blog post.

Hi,  this short extract is from a lesson entitled ‘Limits?’  (Book 4-   I am I: The In-dweller of your Heart)   This God ‘connection’, (through  inner dictation) was explaining that he wants us to realise our true potential. Do we think that we are all limited? Thanks, Dave.

Mountains can  be moved through belief, courage, fortitude and love but determination plays an important factor. Many roads are littered with those aspirations parked in the recesses of the mind, just like vehicles stopped in their tracks having run out of fuel. This reduction of ‘fuel’ or energy through the body could be from tiredness or lack of will power. One is easily remedied in the course of rest, relaxation and a decrease of stress within your life. The other, forms part of your character, which may be more difficult to change if change is required.

Throughout one’s childhood, I often see a lack of discipline and encouragement from the parents, perhaps this is an inherited trait?


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