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“RITUALS AND MONUMENTS ” – AscensionForYou Spiritual Guidance and Education

Hi to one and all, please find another lesson for my Wednesday post which I hope you’ll find  informative, uplifting and also encourage you to become the best person, human being and soul that you can be!


Welcome again. Ever since Souls have been incarnated onto the ‘Earth plane’ they have embarked upon the search for knowledge, wisdom and truth of me or ‘I’.

Many millennia have passed and an untold number of people (individuals, tribes, different societies) have sought from the ‘outside’ world when, in fact, everything they have seen, heard, touched, smelt and tasted, as well as ‘sensed,’ intuitively comes from within.

When ‘man’ roamed through the ages, long before the stone, iron and bronze era’s began, they either looked around themselves or up into the sky at night in awe and wonder and were amazed at the beauty captivating their minds and their imaginations.

Some felt that who or what they were could then not be all that there was, whilst others believed that the future held only their death without consciousness and existence. In fact, these are still the viewpoints of millions of people today.

Throughout time, all sorts of deities and Gods were created, not only by the masses but also by those in control, who had the power and influence over the many who would not only bend to their will but who would be too frightened to disobey or question their thoughts and actions. Many of Earth’s wars and much hate has become entrenched into mind-set and heart, leading to decay, not only of the society, but of the health and well-being of numerous souls.

Buildings and amazing structures would be built to honour and please whatever was thought to create, save or feed life itself. Sun gods, rain gods, gods of war, and gods of love are but a few names that would reverberate and resonate in temples, circles of stone or monuments towering high into the sky.

Alternatively, tracks or scorched earth lines would pattern vast distances of land in shapes and images that could only be seen from above. They would highlight hopes and dreams of the people, wanting and waiting to receive confirmation and approval for the deeds and actions of their nation.

In your present day, billions of human beings, through their science and also faith, know so very much and yet so many know so very little of Truth, Love and Light. For those that do, progress could be far greater in their individual quests and journeys if what they perceive and accept in truth is actually shared and given freely without hesitation, pride, jealousy, hatred or ego.

Some require constant approval and seek illumination through complex rituals and behaviours, either in their daily activities or when contemplating me, or their life in general. Various statues, ornaments, and symbols are worshipped, believed that they can actually ‘hear’ the people. The attachment of such is often through need, a desire or even a crutch to support them during difficult times.

Do not fret or feel that I am angry in any way, shape, or form for I am not. I wish only to explain that you are me and I am you. ‘Oneness’ is all things, each friend, neighbour, community, country are one and whole. No division and no separation.

As such, each flower, rock, mountain, river, sea and all things are me and when illusion is wiped away from the physical eyes and the mind that plays tricks is subdued, then you can sense that all things are me. Each petal, snowflake, drop of ocean’s water, tree and every animal or insect are ingredients of me.

Many cultures and civilizations have histories which depict various religious figures who have guided (or indeed misguided) individuals or the masses. I am not stating that places of worship that have spanned numerous years, should suddenly be neglected or mistreated…or that people should banish or remove what can symbolize hope and peace to many hearts. All I ask is that those who wish to pursue their Soul’s path to bliss must recognise their own Divinity and not what is an impermanent figure, statue, building or world.

Choices are of course forever your own, but when the eyes of your body, mind and soul are seen as one, then clear vision will light up the pathway that lies before you. When this happens, you will no longer be walking in your own shadow, but rather it will be behind you forever. You will step into the light, walk in the light and you will share in the light.

Deep within there is beauty beyond mere words. No expression, picture or image, can convey truly what you are. All of you have the potential and the power to achieve the greatest gift of all; which is self-realization leading to liberation and bliss.

Who can deny you? What can deny you? It is only your self. No ritual or magic potion can relieve you of your karmic burden or your Soul’s history through lives over hundreds or thousands of Earth years. What you have to do is not easy, but this can even be said of many of the everyday tasks in your life.

Though many have embarked upon multiple incarnations, some can still say, “I haven’t got it right”. But do not despair…never, ever despair or fear one’s actions if the heart and thoughts are pure, away from selfishness and greed or self-gratification.

Let light reflect from your very being and not what can be deemed as a mirror of darkness and decay. You can succeed and you will succeed. Believe in yourself and simply enjoy the path that your life’s road has taken you.

I will by your side; knowing, nurturing, guiding, loving and watching forever over you. Let your smile beam your joy onto others heart and let your hands do good, worthwhile actions that help and benefit others.

Do not seek greater rewards than that which you actually deserve, but feel the goodness and not ego that shines back towards you. This is the true gold that you can wear with greater value than any stone or ring that man possesses. Realise that you are rich in Spirit and much more… a Soul and Light which is brighter than a thousand or even a billion Suns.

No ritual can ever be performed, or any monument built, that could match the gift of love that you share to another, both freely and truthfully. Also, as all things contain the spark and light that is I, they should be recognised as such.

In this simple fact lies the answer to all things. By acknowledging, realising and living it, your lives will become more beautiful with each passing minute.

I promise you, your dreams will come true and you will only ever shed one tear, a tear of pure joy, peace, comfort, and bliss. To try to describe a feeling of such intensity is a mistake. I love you all, as I now close this lesson with a most heartfelt and pure loving kiss. Amen.

Have a good (or should I say ‘God’) day everyone…perhaps with thoughts and prayers for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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God Bless and keep shining brightly! Dave


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