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Mysterious Pyramid Discovered In Antarctica Could REWRITE History!


Good morning to all aspirants and devotees of love and peace!

A fascinating news article has surfaced regarding the discovery of several pyramid shaped structures in the Antartica!  Many theories and explanations have now emerged over their composition and construction … did aliens build them … had human beings lived there in a warmer climate, and if so, what ancient civilization evolved then disappeared? 

This reminded me of our inate burning desire to understand our true human ‘past, present and future’. Well, the answers to such questions can not only be found on the exterior ‘plane’ of mother Earth, but also deep within our consciousness and hearts.  Remember, there are millions of creatures and ‘energies’ which roam this Earth by day and  night … but we often close our minds and hearts to what lies beyond this material world.

Today’s post hopes to spark your interest in order to delve deeper ‘within’, and to find your own understanding and truth.

Have a peaceful and positive week in any discovery you make. God bless.

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Here’s a Q and A from, through and to ‘Spirit’.

Q – What about Stonehenge and the pyramids … who constructed these fascinating sites of mystery? Was it the ‘people’ of the day? Did they have help from visitors from other worlds? What was their purpose? What ‘energy’ or energies were used or generated, and if so, do they exist still today?

A – “Stonehenge did not suddenly turn up overnight, and neither did any other site of ‘mystery’. Human effort and toil built these structures, but a helping hand came through the ‘light’ of their day … from other sources with different energies, sent to nurture human growth.

Precise records of a written kind and explanations from the connection of a greater consciousness are all lost or destroyed forever. Many rituals are performed on these sites because of the energy (that was and still is in all of you), which still ‘connects’ there. Remember, you are all part of the Universal energy and light which is within you … on the path you and all life walk upon. Understand too, if you snuff out a candle flame, one’s ‘physical’ eyes cannot observe the light, but does this mean you cannot see? Of course not, and even if you were to put your hand over a lit candle, the light remains constant, and does not diminish. Likewise, as a spark of the divine, one’s internal illumination is everlasting in many forms, even if darkness comes to cloak your heart.

Please do not fear the unknown, for the Universe holds many keys and mysteries, things you cannot imagine or yet be revealed, and the truth lies hidden behind walls of doubt, illusion and confusion within false perception.

It is indeed a magical place. The  Creator’s ‘gift’, which contains life and light in every degree and decree. It is both beautiful and amazing, but mere words cannot truly describe the complexity of God … or of true Creation and love. Amen”.

PS.  You will come to know the truth, and the ‘truth’ will set you free!


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May you keep shining each and every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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