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During the mass murder in Vegas … where is the love?


 Hi, to one and all.

Last week saw yet another massive loss of life when Stephen Paddock went to the Las Vegas strip, smashed his hotel windows with a hammer, and proceeded to murder 58 people and wound more than 500 in a shooting spree – before killing himself.

Investigators are still no further in determining a motive for this horrendous crime.  There seems no clue whatsoever to his mindset … some say perhaps he just wanted to know what it felt like?

Well, let us not concentrate any further on such anger, hate or a wayward mind … but focus instead upon love and healing and prayers for all those affected … and for their loss, and pain of body, mind or Soul.

Today’s post shed’s some light on such events. God bless you all. AscensionForYou


During the mass murder in Vegas … where is the love?

Therapy dogs were flown in to help and comfort the Las Vegas shooting victims.

“Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend a person’s actions, particularly if violence or anger is involved. In fact, it becomes easy to assume without kindness, compassion and forgiveness emanating from within the heart  … that love does not exist. However, realize … even within a so-called wicked character, their divine light – no matter how dimmed –  still exists deep inside.

Even so, negative thoughts, personified by actions of anger, hate, jealousy, and fear will still attempt to hide, disguise or interrupt the flow of love. Their effects may appear stronger at first, but know they are only temporary … because of the impermanent world where you currently reside.  Of those who grieve, know you have the strength to overcome the pain and despair, which descends like a dark shadow to linger over your hearts.  I want you to understand, during these days of  doubt … you all have the strength to overcome such things.  Know I am forever watching over you. Amen.”  PS.   Remember, even a MADMAN loves someone or ‘something’. 


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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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