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CHAPTER 46 It is in the land of forgiven


It is in the land of forgiveness that I take birth. It is in the kingdom of compassion that I will rule! The hands of the good will always uplift the spirit that dwells in the secret chaos of unruly passions. Let the heart soften to all in the world and become the cushion that keeps them afloat. How many more grudges will your bear, My dears? How many more prejudices are you going to foster? Know, My child, that the evil bomb of hatred explodes in the hands that holds it – and will not touch the pure heart, even by the slightest. The one that lives his life by observing another’s faults, will only gather all those weaknesses, making it a part of himself. Know, My dear, that the one that rummages through another’s box of garbage will touch the filth, will be forced to inhale its unenticing smell and will, at the end of his hunt, gather the nature and characteristics of that unwelcoming trash. Instead, O child, spread the sweetness of your pure fragrance – clean those that cry with their addiction to dirt by bathing them with dignity, self confidence, and your acceptance of them. Believe Me, the conscience of the biggest criminal will awaken with simple love. His penance has begun, when you have embraced him. His faith in Me has revived, when you will refuse to stone him, too, with the world. Repentance only comes, O child, when one, himself, realizes his own mistakes. Punishment can only temporarily discipline one, but it is the security of love, O child, that will give one the strength to change and come towards Me. The one that carries spiritual wisdom with him, at all times, knows no fear, for no physical strength can overpower his reasoning, no dagger can be sharper than his knowledge of truth, no threat of death can shake him, for he lives life to be God and dies to become Him.

Be the torch of kindness and brighten the lives of those that suffer the pains of incurable diseases of the body and the mind. Make their teary smiles your payment – caring for the needs of others, will automatically, fulfill your very own. Encourage each of their brave attempts to rise above their sickness – believe and have faith that the strength of your will will beckon them to arise from their temporary handicaps. Do not be afraid to take the pain yourselves. Do not be lazy to utilize your time. Leave the balance, My dears, that weighs the “give” and “take”. The more you will give, the more you will want to give, and what you will receive, you will want to double and give it back. Leave the limitations of human nature and derive My vastness of infinite truth.

The ignorance of hoarding for one’s own self must vanish, for the self utilizes nothing, has no desire of owning, and recognizes no worldly wealth as true riches. The one that is truly rich will be able to part – will be willing to share – will be obliged only to give. The one that can accommodate anyone is truly “big” in My eyes – the one, O child, that learns to sacrifice without its memory, pleases the Divine Mother. The one that feeds another’s hunger, quenches another’s thirst, warms with his love another’s home, is in My company, constantly. Know, My love, that it takes only simple understanding, a few soft words, an encouraging smile, a promising hand and an open heart to be the compassionate doctor of spiritual healing. I forgive that one who has forgotten all selfishness, and I will forget the faults of the one that has forgiven the faults in all. Forgive all – forget yourselves – and find God!

– Divine Messages received and recorded by Mrs Seema M Dewan (Copyright reserved by the Author)



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