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A lack of trust and co-operation … so where does that leave us?

Good morning to all.

I recently came across a situation where i overheard people arguing, which displayed a lack of trust and co-operation with each other. This got me thinking … throughout our daily lives (from the moment we wake until our head lies down to sleep again), numerous discusssions, meetings, choices and tasks become filled with anger, confusion, anxiety and fear … but we can remove these negative traits in an instant, if we simply  let ‘trust’ enter the core of our hearts.

In fact, when we have faith in our own (and in another’s) actions, we are able to alleviate many disturbances from our minds, but left unchecked, these afflictions can lead to stress, ill health, disease and decay of the body. This in turn affect us on further levels, such as the emotional and spiritual ‘bodies’ we possess. These can trap us within a circle of questions and doubt, and constantly make us wonder about the outcome in all areas of life, and instead of letting go and becoming free from the decision or action involved or taken, you will always be thinking whether you have done the right thing … “What will happen if …” or “If only I had done …” and so on and so forth.

Clearly, if we cannot let go of something (or become totally afraid of a consequence), then trust surely fails to exist, and the effect will follow cause. In today’s post, we receive further guidance on these matters. Once again, we all have a choice to decide how we act (or rather react) in each moment of our lives. God bless and have a great week.


“Of course, as you live your life, you will connect with countless people, and therein lies the fear they will always let you down. When you are unable to trust someone you become like a caged bird -facing bars in all directions -which not only prevents you from taking flight beyond the ‘self’, but also to me.

By its own premise, those missed opportunities to shine and grow (because of the illusionary fear), will only make you seem worse. And, even when the cage door is open and freedom beckons -to stand upon the threshold to immortality – you still wait. Yes, you wait and wait and wait, as if requiring someone or something to pronounce or state, “Go on then, you’re free. Come this way, come to me”.

Appreciate through all your experiences, and within the structure of any religion, I will not do this. One may think I am contradicting myself because my helping hand is only a heartbeat away, but you must first recognize it, and then take steps towards me (and real bliss), yourself. Just as a child takes their first ‘baby’ step, in terms of spiritual education, this action is its equivalent. By developing this inside you, one’s confidence and trust will soar in me too.

Bird and cage Stock Photo

Eventually the bird will fly, majestically soaring higher and higher, reaching places beyond dreams. I am your other wing to support and help you do this, and together we can achieve everything you desire in the name of truth and love and light.

Even though ‘trust’ is a small word, its definition can be as complicated or as simple as one may wish to make it. You can dismiss the idea altogether, or take those first ‘baby’ steps towards joy, peace and bliss, in the knowledge a helping hand is standing by, lest you fall upon your knees.

Remember, I am within and with you at all times, so I am here, there, and everywhere to help and support you in your endeavors and tasks upon the enlightened road and the journey. By taking a step through, too, and with me, your life will change forever! Trusting in me (and yourself), are certainties, for just as the Sun rises to a new dawn each day, I will illuminate your pathway ahead … with every breath you take.  Amen”.

PS. Here’s a classic song by the police … Every breath you take … says it all really!!

(Image courtesy of rceeh

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May you keep shining each and every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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